Our Textiles

All fabric and wallpaper patterns are created from Teresa’s original artwork and capture the brushstroke quality and painterly technique for which she is known. Digitally printed in the Carolinas using the newest commercially available pigmented inks, all textiles are printed to order, allowing us to reduce waste and inventory space while ensuring our products best meet the needs of our beloved customers and design partners.

Teresa Roche

In 2010 artist and designer Teresa Roche purchased the parsonage house at 16 Aiken Street in the Village of West Greenville. Built in the early 1900s, the house and its rich history became the heart of a concept that grew from the home of six working artist studios to the contemporary gallery that it is today. As the gallery grew over the years to represent over 50 artists, Teresa’s vision expanded to include Teresa Roche Textiles (TRT), a creative endeavor driven by Teresa’s artistic practice and love of partnering original artwork with interior design. With TRT, Teresa has worked to transform her original artwork into a luxury fabric and wallpaper collection featuring patterns that capture the brushstroke quality and painterly technique for which she is known.

Amy Siachos

Our behind-the-scenes lover of all things home, Amy Siachos has been with TRT since the day after our first website launched. Her background is in project management for a national advertising agency, and she is known to be one of the most organized people in Greenville. From product inquiries, trade relationships and showroom representation, Amy has all the details and is your go-to person for special projects and customization.

Annie Francis

Annie joins TRT after years of experience as the manager and buyer for a boutique home furnishing company. Her background in visual merchandising as well as four years in the accounting department of a large hotel corporation equip her with the well-rounded expertise needed to keep our studio running like a machine. Annie handles all orders and, if you stop by to visit, hers will likely be the smile that greets you. Her amazing style, passion for interior design and knack for putting patterns and décor together is inspiring. We cannot fail to mention that she also has the perfect pillow chop.